Your write on the album "The Hill"
Graham. It's a massive achievement and I'm sure you're very proud of it. Some songs are real classics and I was pleasantly surprised to see how many of them are your own."This One's For the Boys" is gonna last a million years. It's one of those songs that is so universal. Absolutely iconic. "Africa" brought me straight back to that gig of yours in Falmouth almost a year ago. I really thought it was a cover version at the time - not that you didn't make it your own, but that it's such a crafted song.

Graham, where have you been?? Your album ranks up there with anything I have heard in terms of musical diversity and production quality. "This One's For The Boys" is destined to go down in Cornish folklore as a National Anthem thanks to the "Cornish Pirates" kind of adopting it as a post match theme, but I fear this overshadows the quality of the other tracks on your CD.

Your biggest critic will always be the man in the street and your music genuinely appeals to a wide ranging audience. I bought the CD (I'm 49), my son bought the CD (he's 24), my brother bought the CD (he's 36) and wait for dad bought the CD and he's 85!!! ..............................£ 8:50? Fantastic value ! but you may be undervaluing your immense talent.

I've bought my CD today - It's excellent and I defy any Cornish boy (or girl) to listen to"This One's For The Boys " and not get a tear in the eye or a lump in the throat.

Have received the CD today for which many thanks.It was worth waiting for. Please forgive the tear-stained message.You will know what I mean - it sums up everything I feel being so far away from my beloved Cornwall.

I just played your CD for the first time and it's everything and more than I expected. Congratulations, it was a long, long time coming but I think you have captured your unique sound and musical qualities 110%. You should be very proud. It's a great production and great mix.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy listening to 'The Hill'. My favourite song changes all the time. Of course I play "This One's For The Boys" often, usually with a lump in my throat but I enjoy every single song on the CD. There are not many artists that can do that. Today I love "Slippin Away".

Just to say how much everybody enjoys your album "The Hill". We listen to it in the car to work ( my lift-share thinks it's brilliant and he's quite knowledgeable on these things) - it's been played and plugged on a school assembly and if it's possible to wear out a CD, I must be nearly there.

Just got your CD today. Absolutely love it, especially "This One's For The Boys" and I'm not Cornish born or bred but it brings tears to my eyes. However, while typing this I'm listening to the instrumental on Track 13. What's it called ? It's just beautiful.

" It Takes Time " , " Slippin' Away " and " What Do I Care " are beautiful songs. " This One's For The Boys " is so emotive it's untrue. I find myself singing it the car on the way into work and suddenly everything's alright.

Graham Hart's album " The Hill " has that basic feel to it whilst also being very musically professional. The feel of the album is that of someone who has not compromised themselves in order to gain airplay. To cover, " Crazy " so soon after it's major charting in the UK and Worldwide, could be deemed to be foolish; Graham, however, carries HIS version off meticulously and gives it a different perspective.Giving a rock melody to a very traditional Cornish song could also have proved disastrous in lesser hands, but Graham, again carries it off giving it a totally new perspective.One could go on analysing the album, but for what purpose? Grab a copy and Enjoy !

Tony Bates.100.7 Highlands FM. Victoria, Australia .