Graham Hart Singer/Saxophonist/Songwriter, Activist.

Having played in numerous bands and duos over his long musical career, Graham found his niche as a powerful solo act that combines his passion for Cornwall, solid musical competence and a sense of cutting wit that is legendary.

Through his music and active as a self governing Sovereign, he continues in his persuance of all things good for all the peoples of the world.

A founder member of the defunct Pengegon A.F.C. and a qualified FA Coach, he has held various positions at all levels of football in Cornwall, he continues in his efforts to revive the club. He is also a former Columnist for the West Briton.

June 3rd 2014 - STOP PRESS !!!

Graham Hart will stand in Lawful Rebellion as a candidate for the constituency of Camborne-Redruth-Hayle at the next General Election.

It's Government by consent. They are OUR Tustees. Man created Government. Not the other way around.

Magna Carta Article 61

Under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 - the founding document of the British Constitution - we have a right to enter into lawful rebellion if we feel we are being governed unjustly. Contrary to our common belief, the Queen and her Government are there as our Trustees and not to Rule us. Under Natural Law and Common Law. The highest Law. Explained in three words: DO - NO - HARM.

The time has come to expose the disgusting high echelons of society paedophile rings in this country. It is utterly sickening !

When did we give our consent to Chemtrails ?

When did we give our consent to Fracking ?

Why have we not been told about the many Cancer Cures that are out there ? ? ?

Did you know that every penny of your income tax is for the funding of war and nothing else ?

Early days...much more to come.