Pengegon A.F.C A brief history

Before Pengegon .....Camborne Youth Club .

In 1964, the above group of lads aged between 16 and 19 were encouraged by John Rickard, a youth leader who lived in Pengegon, to form a football team under the umbrella of Camborne Youth Club . Nicknamed "The Undertakers" because of their all black kit, their first two seasons in existance saw them travel by bus or train to home matches at Trewirgie in Redruth, as no ground was available in Camborne and the Pengegon playing field where they practised, too small .

All but one pictured, were resident in a much smaller Pengegon than that of today. As the years went by many, many more boys from the same area would represent the Club. This is the first Pengegon Team photo ever taken.

Back row left to right : Terry Carlyon, Alan Gilbert, Anthony Tobin, John Harnett, Peter Rodda, Mel Edwards, Mike Odgers.(Hon Secretary) Front row: Peter Gilks, Dennis Robins, John Peters,(Capt.) Terry Hampton and Tommy Olds .

1965. The Club begins it's first competitive season in the Mining Division Football League.

Back row: Mike Odgers, David Oates, John Harnett, Eddie Phillips, Colin Kemp, Peter Turner, Peter Gilks. Front row: Terry Hampton, Mike Docking, Alan Edwards, John Peters, Roy Blewett and Ralph Elcox.

In 1966, a ground sharing scheme with Pool S.C. was arranged and the team could as last play in Camborne. Although having only minimal success on the field, they were awarded the "Moon Shield" for being judged the League's most sporting team that season.

Back row: Michael Gilks, Mike Odgers, David Oates, Dick Rule, John Peters, Peter Turner, Mel Edwards, Ralph Elcox, David Jeffery, Les Parkyn. Front row: Alan Edwards, Peter Rodda, Alan Jenkin, (Capt.) Tommy Olds and Mike Docking .

Pengegon A. F. C.

By spring 1967, the Dolcoath based Camborne Youth Club had closed its doors through lack of funding and it was back to square one. A decision to reform the club under the name of Pengegon, fund themselves and use a now available Council pitch in North Roskear, Camborne, took almost five minutes .

This is the first official team photograph of Pengegon A.F.C. taken on Saturday, 26th August 1967 before their first competitive game, beating Penryn 2-1 in a Falmouth-Helston League match at their home ground of Park Road.

Back row: Fred Kempthorne, (Match Referee) Alan Edwards, John Harnett, Edward Phillips, Mel Edwards, David " Flick " Oates, Glyn Jose, Mike Odgers. Front Row: Jimmy Pellowe, Tommy Olds, Alan Gilbert, (Capt.) Brian Etherington and Ralph Elcox .

In September 1967, I made my debut for Pengegon, then in May 1968, I was fortunate to play in the League Shield Final losing to Carharrack 3 - 2 in one of two Finals the club reached in it's first season.

Back Row: Graham Emmett, Alan Edwards, David Oates, Alan Gilbert, Eddie Phillips, Peter Rodda, Mike Odgers. Front Row: Jimmy Pellowe, John Savage, Graham Hart, Tommy Olds and Ralph Elcox .

At the beginning of the 1968/69 season, a new generation was breaking through and the need to facilitate them brought about the formation of Pengegon Reserves. Out of a Squad of fifteen, Eleven were home grown players.

Back Row: Norman Cocking, Keith Tregenza, John Cottell, Glyn Jose, Frank Butler, Cyril Penrose, Keith Lean, Mike Odgers. Front Row: Paul Jones, Graham Emmett, (Capt.) Larry Tonkin, Graham Hart and David Gilks. Not in picture: Rob Bray, Charlie Moore and Paul Marshall.

At the start of 1969/70 season, players who were key in running the club, had their own personal ambitions to play at a higher standard and naturally wanted to take the opportunity while at the right age to do so. The lack of a permanent base and facilities meant it was virtually impossible to attract new playing members and sadly the club folded again. Yet less than five years later, such was the bond that tied this group together, the urge to reform the club was once more gaining momentum .

After a meeting of former players and official, the decision was taken to try again. In the Spring and during the close season of 1974/75, a committee was formed and a few friendlies were played. A temporary ground was found at Clijah Croft, Redruth and the necessary funds were raised to get going. At the start of the 1975/76 season, Pengegon A.F.C. were duly re-elected back into the Mining League in Division One. Under the management of David ' Nimmo ' Rule , they finished a credible 4th in the league and reached the Dunn Cup semi final.

Pictured before the 1-1 draw at Heathcoats in their first competitive match after reforming. Back Row: Colin White,(Hon. Secretary) Glyn Jose, Mel Edwards, Martin Spurr, Rob Williams, John Savage, Tony Potts and John Raybould.(Chairman) Front Row: Jimmy Pellowe, Peter Gilks, Graham Hart, Darren May, Mascot) David Oates, (Capt.) Rob Bray and Tommy Olds.

1976/77. Pengegon are back at their former ground of Park Road, using the neghbouring cricket pavillion of South Crofty as their changing rooms. The season also saw the re-introduction of a reserve team at the club, though it would be a number of years before both teams could use the same home ground.

Back row: Rob Bray, Rob Williams, Colin Jose, Des Rodda, Garcie Fitzgearld. Middle row: Graham Hart, Colin Kemp, Derek Sparks, Peter Kelly, John Savage, David Weeks, Jimmy Pellowe, Peter Gilks. Front row: Mel Edwards, Maurice Cross, (Chairman) John Hocking( Treasurer), Colin White, Hon Secretary)David Rule (manager) Mike Odgers (Team Secretary) and Tommy Olds .

At the beginning of the 1978/79 season, founder member and captain from 1964, John Peters took the reins as First Team Manager. Under his guidance, Pengegon at last became Mining League Champions. It was also notable that this was achieved without the team picking up one booking or sending off.

Back Row: John Peters, (Manager), John Hocking , ??????? (Linesman ), Phil Stallard, Kalvin Magee, Mel Edwards, Peter Keast, Tim Pooley, Chris Smith, Rob Bray, Mike Odgers, Tim Barker, (President) and Colin White. Front Row: Nigel Sincock, Graham Hart, David Oates, (Capt.) Mike Childs, Peter Rodda. Martin Peters. (Mascot)

1979/80 saw the team finishing Runners-up in the League but senior members, frustrated at not having the opportunity to take the club forward were beginning to leave.

Back Row: Peter Medlin, Trevor Richards, Phil Stallard, Peter Keast, Colin Kemp, Richard Rogers, John Peters, Harry Bergin Physio) Front Row : Steve Webber , Mike Childs, Graham Hart ,(Capt.) Kevin Buzza and Geoff Barnes.

Actons speak louder than words ! ! ! The Pengegon tour of 1982 .

Nowhere To Go .

The club kept going albeit with limited success for another three years, but the writing was on the wall and it was no surprise when the club folded due to lack of interest at the end of 1984/85. Clubs like Caharrack, Hayle and Goohavern, who were at the same stage in development when the Pengegon club started out, were now the thriving centres of their communities, but the lack of home based facilities had robbed the Pengegon people of the same chance .

In 1987, Camborne football enthusiast and well known local referee Kevin Adams, along with some parents with sons wanting to play league football, were keen to return the Pengegon name to it's former glories. He approached former committee members with a view to reforming the club for a fourth time in 25 years . Some were keen to assist . Things started off well and the club began to grow again with the forming of a reserve side, but it wasn't long before the new management team were coming up against the same old problems of it's predecessors, and at the end of the 1990/91 season , Pengegon A.F.C's turbulent existance had finally come to an end.............or has it !

A Pengegon Reunion. Year not known.

Back row: Chris Smith, John Peters, Colin Kemp, Dennis Pitt, John Savage, Richard Rogers, Tim Pooley, Paul Jones, Martin Spurr, ?????? , David Oates, Rob Bray, Mike Odgers. Front row: Peter Gilks, Roger Pascoe, Peter Rodda, Graham Hart, Johnny Hall, Colin Pascoe, Kelvin Nancarrow Bob Mayou, Mike Childs and Ralph Elcox .

The 2003 Gathering at the Annual Reunion for the "Peter Gilks Memorial Trophy" which takes place at the end of August Bank Holiday Sunday at Holmans Sports Club Blaythorne, Camborne.

Back row: David Gilks, Mel Edwards, Rob Bray, Colin Kemp, Paul Jones, Tony Calf, Nigel Sincock, John Harnett, Graham Hart, Mike Childs, John Peters, Mike Odgers, Charlie Moore. Front row: Graham Jewell, Trevor Harris, Dennis Robins, Kevin Jenkin, Jimmy Pellowe, Alan Warne, Alan Edwards and Michael Gilks.